The San Diego County Auto Recyclers Association is a professional trade organization of licensed and environmentally responsible automobile dismantlers who are committed to providing our members with the service, benefits, information and support they need to help them meet the needs of their customers. To accomplish this mission, SDCARA provides an exclusive system of communications technology to aid our members in the purchase of parts and the sale of used parts to make it easier for consumers to find the parts they need to repair their vehicles.

The Role of Licensed Dismantlers

Licensed auto dismantlers provide an essential service that directly addresses society’s increasing problem of how to dispose of end-of-life vehicles. Each year in California, an estimated 1.3 million vehicles will reach the end of their useful lives, either by the owner’s decision or by an insurance company declaring them a total loss. While these vehicles might otherwise be abandoned, licensed dismantlers acquire them, process them in an environmentally responsible manner, and safely convert them into reusable parts, which are sold to consumers at a fraction of the cost of new parts.

Auto Recycling Protects Our Environment

Licensed auto dismantlers in California embrace and adhere to strict environmental regulations that protect our environment. Licensed auto dismantling facilities drain, manage and dispose of toxic vehicle fluids in an environmentally safe and responsible manner. They dismantle and clear the vehicles of hazardous materials so that these materials do not end up in our oceans, waterways or environment. Their environmentally responsible business practices ensure that harmful materials are not released into our air, soil or waterways. By utilizing the services of a licensed auto dismantler who is a SDCARA member for assistance when you need an auto part, you are assured of working with a professional dismantler who is trained and committed to protecting California’s precious natural resources from potential environmental hazards associated with auto salvaging.